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Design Process

The Evolution of Phantom

ArBot: Blackout Battle Royale

Added fluorescent tape and sponsor logos


Arbot: Worlds

Improved the speed of the drive train, tilt, pan, extend, and intake. Worked on hanging mechanism, but could never get to work 100%.  

Made a fast and defensive autonomous. Enhanced the reliability of scoring in mid and getting into the high zone. 


ArBot: South Super Regional Robot

Add wings to the intake to funnel blocks into the conveyor system. The wings also inproved the reliability of getting the high zip line trigger and putting 14 blocks into the high basket. 


ArBot: North Texas Chapionship

Changed the wheels from 4" to 6" to improve speed and moving over blocks. We alted our zip line triggers, so they are vertical instead of horizontal. Added a funnel on the front of the robot to guide the robot back to the home position. 


Ohbot: Oklahoma State Championship

Went back to our original design and added autonomous. 


Enbot: Nolan Qualifier

Added a secound drawer slide and changed the dumping mechanism.


KayBot: Kellen Qualifier

Complete redid the robot and added a sweeper to the front. Changed the dumping mechanism.


Ohbot: Oklahoma Qualifier

We have three motors on a arm to pan, tilt and extend. On the end of the arm had a conveyor belt to pick up and deposit blocks.


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