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The competitions Team 7172 competed in during the 2018-2019 Season, Rover Ruckus

Houston World Championship

The World Championship marked the debut of our team's second robot of the season: Chariot! We were able to perform extremely well at Worlds this year - achieving the team's best overall showing! After fighting through 9 tough qualification matches in the Franklin Division, we were selected as the 2nd pick on a finalist alliance! We were then able to become the Franklin Division Finalists, effectively one of the best 12 teams at Worlds!

Qualification W-L-T Record: 7-2-0 (ranked 10th)

Awards: Franklin Division Finalist Alliance, 2nd Pick

Arkansas State Championship

Competing at the Arkansas State Championship was challenging and super fun! It was awesome to play against so many amazing teams we don't have the experience of playing regularly and make lasting connections with them! 

Due to the tough competition, we were knocked out during the semifinals. We were awarded the 1st Place Inspire Award, and qualified for the World Championship taking place in April!

Qualification W-L-T Record: 5-2-0

Awards: Inspire Award 1st, Rockwell Collins Innovate Award 3rd, Connect Award 3rd, Design Award 2nd

North Texas Regional Championship

We had a blast competing at the North Texas Regional Championship! We went undefeated in qualifiers and advanced to the event finals after becoming the Sapphire Division winning alliance! This Stinger's final tournament - a sad farewell to an awesome, innovative, and award-winning robot!

Qualification W-L-T Record: 6-0-0

Awards: Sapphire Division Winning Alliance Captain, Rockwell Collins Innovate Award 1st

Ferris Qualifier

The Ferris qualifier was a great showing for Team 7172. After working on the problems that we were experiencing with Stinger, we were excited to see how the robot performed. We went undefeated in qualification matches and became the winning alliance captain. We were also awarded the 1st Place Think Award for our notebook! The Ferris Qualifier solidified that Stinger had great potential.

Qualification W-L-T Record: 5-0-0

Awards: Winning Alliance Captain, Think Award 1st

Allen Qualifier

The Allen Qualifier was an awesome event for us. We were able to test out a new intake design (the rotating intake) and gauge how well it would work in competition. We soon found out that this intake was not viable for competition, but we were nevertheless able to score little by little. The Allen Qualifier also taught us an invaluable lesson about the rack gears we were using in our fishing poles: they break easily. Despite the problems we ran into, we were undefeated in qualification matches and were awarded the 1st Place Inspire Award and advanced to the North Texas Regional Championship!

Qualification W-L-T Record: 5-0-0

Awards: Inspire Award 1st

Arkansas Springdale Qualifier

The Arkansas Springdale qualifier featured the debut of our first 2018-2019 robot, Stinger! The qualifier was filled with many competitive and high-scoring teams, rendering the competition difficult but exciting! We fought through some awesomely difficult qualification matches, where we once scored just 1 point higher than the opposing alliance! After qualification matches, we went on to become the winning alliance and qualify for the Arkansas State Championship!

Qualification W-L-T Record: 4-1-0

Awards: Winning Alliance 1st Pick, Inspire Award 3rd

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