Abhiram Patil - Programmer

Flower Mound High School ‘23

FLL 2014-2017, FTC 2017-Present, FRC 2019-2020

Hi, I’m Abhi and I’m currently a 10th grader at Flower Mound High School. I’ve always been fond of science, math, and technology and I’m excited 

Ian Chang - Design, Website

Shepton High School

VEX IQ 2016, FTC 2019-Present

Hi, my name is Ian and I'm a current 10th grader at Shepton High School. 

Sophie Guerin - Designer, Builder, Driver

The Einstein School Plano

FLL 2016- 2018, FTC 2018-Present

LIfe = Greys Anatomy

Hi, my name is Sophie Guerin. I currently am an 8th grader at The Einstein School of Plano in Texas. I got interested in robotics when my sister, Marie Guerin, joined the FRC team 5431 Titan Robotics at the Academy High School. I started programming in 5th grade for my FLL team, 24811 The Techno Girls. Since then I have tried multiple different programming languages including Mindstorms, Python, Java, and HTML and CSS. I partake in extracurriculars like theatre, art, and writing. In my free time I play handbells, perform, program, draw, paint, and when I get time to, watch Netflix. I already know that I am going to learn a ton of stuff on this FTC team and have a ton of fun.

Alyssa Fuscardo - Builder, Driver, Outreach, Notebook 

Clark High School

FLL 2018, FTC 2018-Present

Hi, I'm Alyssa Fuscardo. I'm currently a 9th grader at Clark High School in Plano, TX. This is my third year participating in FTC. I have been interested in robotics and STEM ever since 3rd grade. My dad who is a programmer inspired me to get into STEM and I have loved building with LEGOs ever since I was young. Outside of FTC, I do an assortment of activities and clubs such as cello, piano, Girl Scouts, choir, volunteering through my church for Special Needs, BPA, orchestra council and Environmental Club. In my free time, I love reading mystery and Sci-fi and listening to music.

Shreema Vijayakumar - Designer, Builder

Heritage High School ‘23

FLL 2014-2016, FTC 2019-Present

Hi, I’m Shreema and I’m currently a 10th grader at Heritage High School. Robotics is something that was introduced to me from a young age. It was a source of entertainment and was considered a hobby. It is now that I’m learning to use my skills to compete with a team. My general interest has been in STEM-based concepts and there’s been a continuous trend in the activities that I participate in that portrays that. Outside of FTC, I compete as a National Level Archer. I’ve been shooting for five years now and it’s something that gives me a unique title and I’m currently a member of the USA Archery RED Team. During my free time, I’m usually entertaining myself with Machine Learning, Netflix, and hanging out with friends and family.

Rhea Senan - Builder

Lawler Middle School 

FLL 2017-2019, FTC 2019-Present

Hi, my name is Rhea Senan and I’m a freshman at Centennial High School. I’ve always enjoyed designing and building. This is my third year participating in FTC and before that I was competing for two years in FLL. I enjoy the STEM subjects at school and am always open to new opportunities where I can learn something new. When I’m not working on the robot, I’m either swimming down at Texas Ford Aquatics, playing my violin, or dancing. I’m really excited to be working with this team and am looking forward to many great seasons ahead!

Shashank Gangaram - Designer, Builder